Sunday, March 20, 2011

Food For Thought: 611 Supreme

   So recently, I had the opportunity to take a fun food adventure with my friends in a sweet place called: 611 Supreme. The restaurant is a quaint place that serves crepes filled with deliciousness. Though the price for a crepe was a about 8-10 dollars, which in my opinion were relatively small, they were worth the food venture. If you're looking for salmon, eggs, and ham within a crepe then I'd recommend popping in 611 Supreme. If you're looking to have a fruity crepe, the downside is that they only serve such fruity goodness during their brunches over the weekends. Nonetheless, it was a cute place that I think food lovers should check out! I'll go ahead and share the link!
This was Jeanyee's crepe! Not only was it huge, but it was filling for my dear friend. Served with eggs and ham, it's sure to leave you stuffed =)

This was Bikram's francy crepe, stuffed with Salmon Love!

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