Friday, April 1, 2011

Food For Thought: Chile Peppers

   Today, I was able to take another food adventure but also had the great pleasure of taking this food venture with my dear sister, who popped a visit up to Seattle. Heading to a quaint area of Seattle known  as Wallingford, my sister and I had the opportunity to eat dinner in a cute little restaurant with some tastefully good Mexican Food! Though the lighting was a bit dark, leaving it difficult to see our food, the music and the candles really set the mood for a comfy restaurant. Right off the bat, the food was great! Though personally I would rather go to Azteca since there is more variety, the price was reasonable with most dishes being at an average price of $9-11. Next time, I will try to shift away from getting the "Taco Dinner," which I found to be not as tasteful as I expected. Whether it was the tortilla or the meat, which was chicken, it really wasn't a big hit for my sister and I. Yet, don't think the restaurant was a total flop, since my sister ordered a fantastic meal which I would highly recommend. It was an enchilada meal stuffed with roasted potatoes and cheese, talk about YUMMY! Check it out food lovers, if you're looking for some authentic Mexican Food =)

   I will go ahead and provide a link to the yelp review of the restaurant, which also has photos so check it out my food lovers! ---

Rainy in Seattle

My sister's Enchilada's

My Shredded Chicken Taco Dinner

My sister Kayleen, busy munching!


Little table decor

My pretty sister!

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